Safe, convenient drug delivery increases the patient’s willingness to observe their doctor’s recommendations. Appliances from the Copernicus® Ergo System range represent a milestone advancement in the ergonomics of drug delivery devices. The Copernicus® Ergo System is comprised of various unique solutions, all contributing to the high patient usability of products manufactured by Copernicus®. These include an automatic low-force delivery mechanism, a lateral easy-to-reach release button, intuitive operation and clear, unambiguous signalization.

Spring-assisted delivery system

Applied force diagram for 0,3 ml of medicine administered using the Advapen®  by Copernicus® and a manual pen

The force needed to make an injection with the use of Copernicus® spring-assisted pen injectors is considerably lower in comparison to manual pen injectors. Furthermore, it does not depend on the volume of the dose or the needle size.

Source: Fendler W., Roman-Liu D., Tokarski T., Romańczuk R., Młynarski W., Trigger Matters: An Ergonomy Analysis of Insulin Pens. „Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics”. March 2015. Vol. 17. No. 3: 171-176

Easy-to-reach trigger button

The ergonomic trigger button minimizes the burden on patients, improving their adherence to the therapy.

Clear, consistent user interface

The clear markings contribute to the intuitive use of the Copernicus® pen injectors, which make them easy-to-learn and simple in handling.