From Concept to Scale

The constant striving for optimization of all of our processes, as well ensuring rigid quality control measures, has led to integration of all design, development and manufacturing processes within the Company.

Product design and development, tool design and manufacture, plastic injection moulding and assembly – all are conducted at Copernicus (now acquired by Nemera) under an integrated quality management system, certified for conformance with the ISO13485 standard. The Company is therefore highly flexible about introducing design changes in available off-the-shelf devices, meeting the shortest deadlines for customization of its platform products, as well as in the development and manufacture of custom-designed products. Integration of all our design, development and manufacturing processes also allows us to mitigate supply-chain risk and ultimately to deliver high quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Product design

Copernicus (now acquired by Nemera) Design & development department handles the entire process of evolving new product designs. Our cross-functional engineering team is composed of highly skilled experts – constructors, engineers, designers, quality specialists and medical professionals. The design process makes use of CAD (Computer-aided design) software to create detailed 3D solid or surface models. CAD is also used throughout the engineering process, from the conceptual design and layout of products, through tolerance analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods. This allows the engineers to analyse design variants both interactively and automatically, to find the optimal design for manufacturing while minimizing the need for physical prototypes. The use of CAD together with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and 3D printing leads to a highly effective design process.

Tooling Design & manufacture

The Tooling design and manufacture department specialises in designing and building prototype and production moulds for use in injection moulding. Their work includes surface grinding, CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC electro drilling, drilling, micro welding, hardening and other work in the creation of prototype moulds and production moulds. Copernicus (now acquired by Nemera) is particularly adept at tooling complex parts requiring intricate mechanics and miniature parts (0.1 g) with close tolerances. The company manufactures devices that need to have the highest accuracy and repeatability and so has acquired unique skills in the manufacture of prototype moulds needed to assess the functionality of a detail before entering mass production.

Plastic injection moulding

Copernicus® (now acquired by Nemera) produces plastic parts on moulds manufactured in the Tooling design and manufacture department in the full spectrum of ‘design to product’. Our Plastic injection moulding is equipped with a range of both multidimensional moulding machines and precision moulding machines. With the highest precision injection moulding, Copernicus (now acquired by Nemera) can manufacture precise, miniature elements weighing from 0.1 g.

Device assembly

Copernicus (now acquired by Nemera) has extensive know-how and experience in the assembly of medical devices, gained through the successful manufacturing of millions of products and product components. The device assembly is an automated process, conducted with the use of dedicated, mostly in-house designed, equipment.