Products & Pipeline

Copernicus develops and manufactures pen injectors dedicated to 1,5ML, 1,8ML and 3ML cartridges. Our products are at any time designed on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the intended use, preferences of the target group as well as needs, expectations and limitations of patients suffering from the disease. The company offers a range of injection devices, which are needed for an administration of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including insulin pen injectors (for human, glargine, lispro, aspart), somatropin pen injectors, follistim pen injectors, teriparatide pen injectors, exenatide pen injectors, pramlintide pen injectors and liraglutide pen injectors.

Pen injection devices of every type, manufactured at Copernicus, include a set of technological solutions, which are paramount for a safe, effortless and intuitive drug administration.

  • Automatic, low-force delivery system
  • Easy-to-read dose indicator
  • Dial-back mechanism
  • Visual confirmation of the completion of the dose delivery
  • Constant speed of the drug injection
  • Audible click confirming the setting of the dose demanded
  • Fully transparent cartridge holder (except for Veopen)
  • Solid construction
  • Modern design
  • Soft coat surface
  • Convenient emplacement of the trigger button
  • Self-screwed plunger (durable pens only)