For patients beginning therapy with use of a pen injector, having a device most suited to their needs is of crucial importance. At Copernicus®, we pay great attention to the fact that choice of brand of therapy is in great part a consequence of the choice of injection device. As such, we focus on providing the highest degree of usability of all the products we design and manufacture. The injection devices manufactured by Copernicus® have been the subject of many post-marketing studies, the aim of which has been to assess patient acceptance of our products and the usability of their technical solutions. That more than 3,300 users participated in the studies makes Copernicus® injection devices some of the most thoroughly examined drug delivery devices on the market.

The features of Copernicus® injection devices that were most appreciated by the surveyed users were

  • Clear and intuitive usage
  • Unambiguous markings
  • Location and adjustment of the trigger button
  • The constant speed of the injection
  • Low-force needed to administer the demanded dose